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WeCamp 2017

Self-paying attendee registration form

WeCamp is committed to bringing together a diverse group of people. If you feel comfortable answering the below optional(!) questions, it would really help us to measure and reach this goal.

Please submit this form by October 15.

If you have any questions, please contact Mae, Polly, and Jamie at we.camp.dc@gmail.com.

WeCamp takes place in the Prince William Forest Park in Triangle, VA. We'll be sleeping in cabins, cooking meals together in a huge kitchen, eating together in our Mess Hall, pair programming, and sharing information through informal chats in “unconference” style.

We are also responsible for making sure the entire camp is clean and safe when we get there, and clean and safe when we leave.

In order to make this work, every camper needs to contribute. Many hands makes light work, and we want to make sure we’ve got a group of people who are all willing to pitch in.

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WeCamp is a place for programmers of all stripes to play together and work together. It is a place for learning, joy, friendship, and peace. It is not a place for grudges, squabbles, or trouble.

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Amount to be charged: $50.00